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Computer Aided Design Environment for Composites (CADEC) 14.1.7255.18050

Software Support for Introduction to Composite Materials Design-- 3rd Edition, CRC (2018) by Ever J. Barbero

Micromechanics-Random Reinforced Lamina-Poisson Ratio

Poisson ratio (PR) measures the lateral strain that results from and applied axial strain. For a Random Reinforced Lamina, the value of PR, modulus E, and shear modulus G, are independent of direction. This means the Random Reinforced Lamina is transversely isotropic and thus the isotropic formula G=E/(2*(1+PR)) works. This also means that only two properties are independent. Since E and G are already calculated in other CADEC pages, the Poisson's ratio PR can be calculated as PR=-1+E/(2*G)

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