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Computer Aided Design Environment for Composites (CADEC) 14.1.7255.18050

Software Support for Introduction to Composite Materials Design-- 3rd Edition, CRC (2018) by Ever J. Barbero

Micromechanics--Unidirectional--In-plane Shear--Cylindrical Assemblage

The Cylindrical Assemblage Model (CAM) is a classical micromechanics method in this case used to predict the in-plane (1,2) shear modulus. It works for isotropic fibers. We recommend the Periodic Microstructure Model (PMM), which reduces to a simple formula equation for the case of matrix dominated composite, that is when the shear modulus of the fiber is much larger than the shear modulus of the matrix. For fibers that are not isotropic, such as carbon fibers, it is necessary to use a different model such as the Periodic Microstructure Model (PMM).

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