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Computer Aided Design Environment for Composites (CADEC) 14.1.7255.18050

Software Support for Introduction to Composite Materials Design-- 3rd Edition, CRC (2018) by Ever J. Barbero

CADEC--Degraded--Laminate CTE

CADEC calculates equivalent properties for a laminate, which thus can be treated approximately as an orthotropic flat plate or curved shell. The coefficient of thermal expansion CTE of a plate/shell is very important in structural design using composite materials. Since a laminate is more complex than an orthotropic plate, in general a laminate will have expansion CTEs in x and y directions, inplane shear CTE, and well as 3 thermal curvatures. The CTEs are defined as the thermal strains (and curvatures if any) caused by a unit increment in temperature. As strain, in-plane CTEs are dimensionless and the thermal curvatures have unites 1/distance. Degraded refers to the material that has been degraded to represent the effects of of damage.

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