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Computer Aided Design Environment for Composites (CADEC) 14.1.7255.18050

Software Support for Introduction to Composite Materials Design-- 3rd Edition, CRC (2018) by Ever J. Barbero

CADEC -- My Laminas

My Laminas is the Main page for your laminas. Here we have tables for Unidirectional, Continuous Strand Mat, Fabric, and Experimental laminas. From the tables, the user can add/edit the laminas in the user's database. CADEC computes all the values for a unidirectional lamina using micromechanics but, after CADEC filled up all the fields, the user can change the type to experimental. When this is done, all the computed values are carried over and the user only needs to update with experimental data those few values for which experimental data is available/needed. This avoids spending effort measuring properties that can be calculated accurately. This is elaborated in the textbook. Lamina types include:

  • Unidirectional. The lamina properties are calculated using micromechanics
  • Random, continuous/chopped strand mat. The lamina properties are calculated using micromechanics
  • Fabric/textile. The lamina properties are calculated using micromechanics
  • Experimental. The lamina properties are given by the user, based on testing or material supplier data

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